My dockapps


Here are my dockapps, thanks to many people who made the ones that I based my work on :)

Patches and docs

First, a little patch that applies to wmymail-0.2. It adds an option to specify the mailbox you want to use, and also fix a misbehavior with its children processes. Here is the diff file.

Also another patch that applies to wmapm-3.1. It adds 2 options in order to specify what commands to launch if you want to put your computer in suspend or standby mode. Here is the diff file.

Now 2 patches for wmnetload-1.3 (see below).
The 1st one adds the -k option to the dockapp that enable to keep only one interface name even if it's down or unknown (typically for laptops or other rtc connected machines where ppp0 only show up after the 1st connexion or LAN clients machines that have only one interface).
The 2nd one adds to the first some graphics improvements : red background is not necessary when the interface is down or unknown since it's not considered as an error...

The other dockapps that fit nice with the one I made are :

You can find those dockapps on the usual sites :


This dockapp monitors your apm battery status.
Here is the source package for version 0.3.4.


This one monitors your incomming mails in your mail boxes.
Here is the source package for version 2.2.1.
There is also a source package for the 2.3.0 version that includes support for GTK+ 2.2.


At least, a nice digital clock with 7 different styles either in LCD style and LED style, and that uses locales to display week-day and month names. It also features the internet time...
Here is the source package for version 0.8.1.


This dockapp monitors your disks usage.
Here is the source package for version 0.0.2.

Thomas Nemeth :
Page modified on august 28, 2005